Our Programs

Community Engagement Program

In this part of the Arts Caravan, we create an environment for open discussion and cultural expression.  We encourage creativity, community involvement, and awareness of relevant social issues. We provide an actual stage for performers from the community to showcase their talents, as well as bringing our own educational, entertaining performances through short plays and the Improv Challenge—an activity that invites actual community leaders to perform with seasoned actors.  Through these performance, the Arts Caravan hopes to provide the spark that will encourage others to work for more positive change within their own communities, and by doing so strengthen communities nationwide.

Through this program, The Arts Caravan and its community partners seek to deepen the public understanding of the importance of community in the democratic process, to encourage dialogue about the American system of government and each individual’s place in it, and to instill in our audiences a sense of civic pride and responsibility.

To bring this program to your festival or event contact the Community Outreach Coordinator at jomaris@theartscaravan.org

Engagement Education Program

The arm of the Arts Caravan seeks to improve the literacy of educationally disadvantaged children and adults to levels of proficiency, so they can thrive in society.  The Kentucky Taskforce for Adult Education states, “Adult illiteracy saps the capability of Kentucky’s people and its economy… (It) feeds the state’s unemployment, its welfare rolls, and the correctional institutions.”  It also hinders the life choices of children, undermines school reform, limits opportunities for postsecondary education.  We must engage leaders in each community through organizations like the Arts Caravan to help identify needs, and develop programs and services appropriate to that community’s unique circumstances.

This is why the Arts Caravan, in partnership with the Louisville Free Public Library and other community partners (Name the partners), brings our Library Bus to schools, community centers, summer camps, and neighborhood festivals.  In addition, we work to improve literacy through performance, workshops and community resources. The Arts Caravan focuses on functional literacy (reading at a particular grade level), written literacy (writing in clear, accurate language), numeracy, or mathematical literacy (the ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide), cultural literacy (familiarity with the relevant history, customs, and informal content of a certain culture), and the teaching of English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL).

To take this program to your organization or school contact the Community Outreach Coordinator at jomaris@theartscaravan.org