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We at The Alley Theater began to consider the importance of collaborative partnerships when we could not reconcile that there are many great community development programs around Louisville and Kentucky. There are so many opportunities but the communities' conditions do not seem to change commensurate with the work and money put into them. Issues like education, critical thinking, creative expression, and economic mobility are not fragmented in peoples’ lives, but the systems that serve them are. They are even fragmented at the neighborhood level.

To create an authentic community, we must surface and address conflicts and differences. That is why it is so important to us that we intentionally and continually build collaborations to provide the best and most opportunities possible. And collaboration doesn’t just happen because we put people around a table and say: “Create a common agenda and strategy – go!” Effective collaboration is about building trust, by fashioning meaningful and purposeful efforts.

We at the Alley's Drive-In Theater are strongly motivated to provide the infrastructure required to bring events and learning opportunities directly into communities, we'd love if you'd come along with us.

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