Becoming Partners

Partner with us!

What do you think is your niche in our community?

The Arts Caravan is dedicated to addressing the issues of education, critical thinking, creative expression and lack of economic mobility in an holistic way.  Many of these issues are interrelated in the lives of people. However, many non-profits address these issues in a vacuum; many service agencies within neighborhoods are also siloed in how they serve the community.

The Arts Caravan is committed to bringing all sectors of the non-profit world into the same space with our bus at neighborhood festivals and events, so that we can collaborate more effectively; become more aware of what other agencies are already doing; begin the conversations that can lead to complementary, rather than siloed, programming. Too many organizations begin a program to address an issue that is already being addressed be several, unconnected, organizations; this duplication of services is inefficient in terms of money, time, and personnel.

Would your work complement the work that the Arts Caravan is doing? Would your services enhance the mission of the Arts Caravan and help the neighborhoods that we go to? Performing organizations – would you bring a piece that addresses a social issue to perform on our stage? Social Services agencies – can you do your screenings in our bus or make presentations about health issues on our stage?  How can we work together to serve all or our citizens?

Contact the Community Outreach Coordinator at 
jomaris@the to begin the discussion today! 
We have the space that your organization can use to demonstrate your programming. Join us in a neighborhood that will benefit from our organizations working together!