Our Repertoire

Our repertoire will include, but not be limited to:

Theater for Young Audiences

The Alley Theater's revamped hallie 1Education Program is, literally, going on the road. With the generous sponsorship of area funders The Alley Theater is launching a rolling education program housed on former city buses – the Alley comes to individual schools!

A signature of The Alley Theater's main stage productions is taking icons of American pop culture and re-envisioning them as theatre performances. The Alley will bring this process into the 6-12 arena. In collaboration with district curriculum specialists the Alley's education staff will select texts, media, etc. that are embedded in the curriculum and use these resources as a basis to create original productions to bring to schools. These productions will directly engage students where they are in their responses to the culture of their time. Schools will also have the opportunity to use a production as a spring board for students to create their own original work, in response to themes in the production and/or to issues within their school/community.

Anchor Productions

Again, the focus is on entertainment more audiencevalue. As stated above, one of our primary goals is to bring communities together. For that reason the shows slated for Anchor production are to be of a nature that will be viewable by entire families and/or groups of peers. While these shows will be educational and informative in nature they are also intended to be fun, interactive and comedic in nature.


An open format performance done in the spirit of the old “Vaudeville” cabarets and early radio shows (i.e. Phil Silvers). Due to the open format of these performances the Caravan will be open to local area additions to the show. These additions may include music and/or novelty acts, comedians, improv groups, etc.

Visual Arts

Whenever possible on of our vehicles will be placed at the disposal of area visual artists and/or museums in order to bring a larger variety of the arts into the communities we serve.

Our Repertoire

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