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Who We Are

The Alley Theater Arts Caravan (ATAC), in collaboration with the Louisville Free Public Library, Mobile Children’s Museum, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC), and many other community partners; has developed interactive traveling programs: These programs are intended to Stimulate Civic Engagement, Encourage Literacy, and Persuade the Audiences to take action and get involved in their communities. The program includes living history presentations, interactive plays, face-to-face panel discussions and workshops, hands-on traveling exhibitions, distribution of educational resources, and access to public library materials, to be presented at public venues throughout Louisville, Kentucky. The Alley Theater Arts Caravan intends to present in at least 10 public venues every year.

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Project Formats

Touring Multi-Use Vehicles

The key of our project and what started everything: recycled public transportation vehicles that today serve the streets of Louisville as mobile stage, library, and meeting room.

Interactive Productions

Different productions run in all of our programs. This is the motor of our project. We use different performing art formats to educate, create awareness, and stimulate engagement of the audiences to take action beyond our events.

Role Playing Through Structured Improv

Nothing else facilitates talking about current controversies than to add games, prizes, and laughter. Our Improv programs offer a safe space for audiences to express concerns and laugh at themselves.

Distribution of Reference Materials

Literature is made available from the Louisville Public Library and other community partners on a wide range of subjects.


Mobile Children's Museum

This “Learn about Louisville Program” was developed with kindergarten through sixth grade in mind; children enjoy viewing an interactive historical retelling of Louisville’s history by King Louis, the city’s namesake.

Workshops on Civic Engagement

A fictitious democratic government, with a GDP, and budget is presented to the event participants. The participants divide into various lobby groups and are tasked with seeing that their needs are met.

Our History

The Dream

The possibility about an Arts Caravan started to be the subject of conversations in the formerly founded Alley Theater Inc.

The Evolution

The Alley Theater is restructured with a new vision and leadership.

The First Caravan

On November 8th, 2014  a limping, retired mass transit bus donated by TARC drove into the Louisville Zoo where it proudly presented its first Caravan performances.

Giant Baby Steps

Having received only one grant for less than 10% of the required budget, The Arts Caravan served nearly 100,000 people.


2013 Transit Authority River City

Donates buses to the Arts Caravan Project.

2014 Gheens Foundation

First Grant ever written and first grant received by The Arts Caravan.

2015 Forecastle Foundation

Supports the vision by donating funds to the Arts Caravan.

Current Theatrical Productions

DON’T KNOW MUCH – A comedic retelling of America’s History that pits actual facts against many of the myths we accept as true.
SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK –The musical version of the ABC Saturday Morning cartoon series from the 1970’s that promoted learning to that generations youth’s.
TOPICAL IMPROV SHOWS- Our company of improvisers engage the audience in an interactive informative show based on current headlines from our National and Local news agencies.
CARAVAN LIVE- A radio variety show recorded live for future broadcast. Show features sketches derived from important social issues ranging from cultural awareness to political climate to interpersonal relationships.

Our Mission

Promote awareness of current social issues through education and cultural expression in order to ignite community engagement.

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